With headquarters located in Shanghai, the biggest commercial city in China, Shanghai N.J. International Trade Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive trading company mainly engaged in the import, export and domestic trade of a variety of industrial products including tools & materials for transmission line construction, electronic elements, metal raw materials and products and resin of various kinds.

Realizing the importance and our advantage of product quality control, we have a strong team of professional inspectors. Our inspectors account for almost 1/2 of our total staff members.

We also undertake the business of Third Party Inspection and authentication on behalf of clients and principals.

We are an active supplier of medical and laboratory instruments and supplies to users from both at home and abroad.

Having 3 subsidiary factories located in the neighboring areas of Shanghai, we also undertake customized orders. Our products are industrial ceramics, mesh fences, posts, barriers and machinery parts.

"Responsibility, Expertise, Efficiency & Persistence (REEP)" is the cornerstone of our development and is also the motto of our company.